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Natural and Urban Water Cycles

Reduce the rate and volume of urban runoff

Green infrastructure provides on-site stormwater management, so it does not flow directly into local waterbodies. These systems increase the amount of stormwater that recharges the groundwater (infiltration) and is absorbed by plants (evapotranspiration).

Under natural conditions (forests and grasslands), stormwater runoff is mostly absorbed by plants and the soil (90%). This stormwater runoff recharges the groundwater supply and provides a certain level of stormwater cleansing, improving the long-term security of drinking water supplies and supporting ecosystem function. Engineers are building green infrastructure to replicate the natural process of managing urban stormwater by reducing flooding and filtering out nutrients that are carried by stormwater.

Building Roof Runoff

Lawn Runoff

Driveway Runoff

Green Infrastructure Strategies

Green Infrastructure